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Gold coin 1/10 oz BRITANNIA

14 days

14 days

Britannia is the first European investment coin, firstly issued in 1987. From 2013 in 999,9/1000. purity.  

CZK 7,438.91 CZK 7,438.91

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Britannia is the first European investment silver coin, minted since 1997. The name of this British coin was given by the allegorical female figure of Britain. It represents a personified "genius loci" of (Great-) Britain. On the front is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. It contains one troy ounce of silver and has a face value of £ 2. Britannia gold comes in weights of 1oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz and 1/10 ounces. Britannia has a purity of 999.9 / 1000 in gold and 999/1000 in silver. Thanks to the motif, which changes every year, Britannie is popular among coin collectors. By stamping a denomination on the coin, it becomes official, legal tender in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Silver Britannia is minted annually in a load of 100,000 copies. The British Mint Royal Mint was founded 1100 years ago The British Royal Mint presents Silver Britain 2016:
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Tax Class 0,00 % Kč DPH
Additional Product Description Investment gold coin
Delivery Time 14 days

Product Type (Coins/Bars) Coins
Metal Sort Gold
Producing Country United Kingdom
Manufacturer Royal Mint UK
Year of Minting 2021
Fineness 999.9 / 1000 (24 cts)
Troy Weight 1/10 oz. tr. = 3,1103 gram
Total Weight 31,1 g
Product Dimensions 16,5 mm (Diameter) x 1,17 mm ( Thickness)
Motif (Picture) Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II Reverse: Britannia Motive
Denomination / Nominal Value 10 GBP
Packaging Information 10 pieces in tube, 100 pieces in box
Worldwide Negotiability Worldwide
Actual buyback price: CZK 5,802.34

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