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Wiener Philharmoniker

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  1. Stříbrná mince 1 oz (trojská unce) WIENER PHILHARMONIKER Rakousko
    1 trojská unce stříbra je jediná stříbrná ražba "Wiener Philharmonik". Learn More
    CZK 899.00 CZK 742.98
  2. Gold coin 1/25 oz WIENER PHILHARMONIKER
    Most famous Austria investment coin Wiener Philharmoniker in 999,9/1000 purity. Learn More
    CZK 2,551.15 CZK 2,551.15
  3. Gold coin 1/10 oz WIENER PHILHARMONIKER
    The most famous Austria investment gold coin in 999.9 purity. Learn More
    CZK 5,618.28 CZK 5,618.28
    E-shop closed
  4. Gold coin 1/4 oz WIENER PHILHARMONIKER
    The most famous Austria investment coin in 999,9 purity. Learn More
    CZK 13,281.71 CZK 13,281.71
  5. Gold coin 1/2 oz WIENER PHILHARMONIKER
    European most favourite investment coin in Euros currency. Firstly minted in 1989. Learn More
    CZK 26,251.49 CZK 26,251.49
    E-shop closed
  6. Platin coin 1 oz WIENER PHILHARMONIKER Austria
    After silver and gold WP, in 2016 Münze Österreich adds to its production Wiener Philharmoniker in... Learn More
    CZK 33,301.30 CZK 27,521.74
    E-shop closed
    „Wiener Philharmoniker“ was in the years 1992, 1995, 1996 and 2000 best selling coin in the world. The coin... Learn More
    CZK 47,420.41 CZK 47,420.41

7 Items

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