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Why buy from us

The prices on our website are final, all costs of production, distribution, premium, VAT are included in the price, so you do not have to calculate it yourself, as usual. We do not have any hidden payments or surcharges, the prices include VAT, when you have to pay it, we do not hide it, nor do you have to calculate it yourself. We even have how much you specifically pay in VAT for each price. If a competitor has listed product prices at spot prices, physical metal cannot be purchased at those prices. Additionally, the costs of production, distribution, the margin will be added to the price of the order. They do this so that they are in the first position in price comparators.


We were second on the market (in the Czech Republic since 2011), who had prices on the website automatically updated in a given time interval - no one clicks prices manually as it suits us. The system downloads the current stock exchange prices and the current euro and koruna exchange rates. Our prices are always current and change when the stock exchange is running.


We were the first to leave the store open at a time when we could not fix the price with the suppliers. We just sometimes made money on it, sometimes a client. As long as we reached zero with the order, even after deducting the cost of transport to the Czech Republic, we confirmed the order. Thank you to all clients who pay for the goods, even if the price drops overnight. Only thanks to this bilateral fair dealing can we continue in this way.


It always worked, so we won't change anything. Regular clients have an individual approach with us.


Everyone writes we are the cheapest on the market, while they have some prices higher than us… We leave it up to everyone to verify for themselves who is the cheapest.


Sometimes we hear from clients that elsewhere - when the price goes up - they pay extra when the goods are picked up. We don't do this. We try to give the business a ethics and we reject such practices in principle. When the invoice is sent, we also have the goods ordered and a fixed price, so why do such impurities.


We are the only ones on the market who guarantee the delivery of the current year of minting for ounce coins on the invoice (we supply all coins in the current year). It is important for us that the goods leave us in perfect condition. In the same way, in the case of ingots, you will always receive up-to-date packaging with us, and we send the older of the purchases for recycling. If some dealers tell you that they can't influence the minting year, it's just because they have older coinage purchases, or because older coinage is cheaper to buy than the current year.


We have more expensive bars from 250g upwards. Due to the fact that every bar of this and higher weight must undergo a thorough inspection, which is best handled and the one who produces this bar is best equipped for that. but if you pay a few hundred thousand for bars that - whatever we think - are counterfeit, you should always get a bar shipped from the manufacturer.


We are not an anonymous shop without a real seat. You can pick up the goods from us in person at our prestigious address on Wenceslas Square. 17 in the very centre of Prague. When picking up goods weighing several tens of kg, our clients have the opportunity to park directly in front of the entrance and we will bring the goods to your car.


You don't have to register with us if you don't want to.


If there are complaints, we try to accommodate our clients in this situation so that they can continue to shop with us even after these inconveniences. In our opinion, the culture of complaints is even more important than the culture of sales.


If you intend to invest large sums, take advantage of the international stability of BESSERGOLD, which has branches and physical offices in two countries. (Germany and Czechia)


We are pleased that our product photos, website design, flyers and product descriptions are so attractive to our competitors that they have copied and used them from us. :-)




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