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Gold bar Valcambi 2,5g

3 - 7 working days

3 - 7 working days

Investment gold bar from Swiss producer VALCAMBI.

CZK 5,692.95 CZK 5,692.95

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Tax Class 0,00 % Kč DPH
Additional Product Description Gold bar Valcambi 2,5g
Delivery Time 3 - 7 working days

Product Type (Coins/Bars) Ingots
Metal Sort Gold
Producing Country Swiss
Manufacturer Valcambi
Fineness 999,9 / 1000 (24 cts)
Total Weight 2,5g
Product Dimensions 22,1 mm (hight) x 13,1 mm (width) x 0,46 mm (hight)
Packaging Information Plastic sealed with certifikate.
Worldwide Negotiability Worlwide (London Good Delivery)
Delivery Note If you have any special requirement regarding producer, please let as know.
Actual buyback price: CZK 4,696.61

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