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Platin coin 1 oz MAPLE LEAF Canada

14 days

14 days

Worldwide most frequently held platin coin. Firstly minted in 1988. 

CZK 33,611.90 CZK 27,778.43

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The name of this coin was given by the maple leaf (Maple leaf), the symbol of Canada. Platinum is a very heavy and chemically extremely resistant precious metal of silvery-white colour. The platinum coin was first issued in 1988 by a Canadian mint in four weights (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz).

Platinum is widely used in the automotive industry, chemistry, engineering, jewellery, medicine, etc. World reserves of platinum are estimated at 40 years.

In 1993, the fifth minting of one-twentieth of an ounce (1/20 oz) came on the market. 1994 marks the sixth minting of one-fifteenth of a troy ounce (1/15 oz). In 1999, the minting of Maple Leaf in pure platinum was temporarily suspended. Until 2009 - with the exception of the extraordinary mintage in 2002 (500 hologram-set in five mintage) - the Canadian Mint did not issue any platinum coin. Since 2009, the Maple Leaf has been minted in platinum again, albeit in a weight of 1 oz (1 oz) with an updated portrait of Queen Elisabeth II, aged 79. Since its first issue in 1988, Maple Leaf has been valid in platinum as its official currency. More detailed information about this product can be found in English on Wikipedia - Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf.

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Tax Class 21% DPH
Additional Product Description platin investment coin
Delivery Time 14 days

Product Type (Coins/Bars) Coins
Metal Sort Platinum
Producing Country Canada
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Year of Minting Various years
Fineness 999,5 / 1000
Troy Weight 1 oz. tr. = 31,1034768 gram
Product Dimensions 30 mm (diametr) x 2,62 mm (thickness)
Motif (Picture) Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II Reverse: Maple Leaf
Denomination / Nominal Value 50 CAD
Packaging Information 10 pcs in tube
Worldwide Negotiability Worldwide
Actual buyback price: CZK 21,667.10

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