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Gold coin 7.32g SOVEREIGN ELIZABETH Great Britain

14 days

14 days

Firstly minted in 1817 by UK Mint. 

CZK 11,838.01 CZK 11,838.01

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The Sovereign is a very popular British coin that was first minted in 1817 and is still in circulation. On the obverse of the coin is a portrait of the monarch and on the reverse - with a few exceptions - St. George in the fight with the dragon. Coins that have a diameter of 22.05 weigh 7,968 grams, of which 7.32 grams, or 0.23542 troy ounces of pure gold, so the coin is 22 carats, or 91.76% gold and the rest, that is 8.33% is copper. The Sovereign is the coin with the highest number of loads, over a billion pieces have been minted to date. The coin has no nominal value, it is valid as the official currency in Great Britain. Sovereign is exempt from VAT throughout the EU and Switzerland. Sovereigns were part of "survival packages" for Allied pilots in World War II, as well as for American pilots in Iraq. Sovereigns were used as a means of payment in Great Britain until the First World War. These coins are minted in all British colonies, the mints are marked as follows: Sydney (S), Bombay (I), Pretoria (SA), Ottawa (C), Melbourne (M) and Perth (P). The British Mint Royal Mint was founded 1100 years ago.

The Royal Mint presents Sovereign 2016:

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Additional Product Description Full British Sovereign Elizabeth
Delivery Time 14 days

Product Type (Coins/Bars) Coins
Metal Sort Gold
Producing Country Great Britain
Manufacturer Royal Mint UK
Year of Minting 2021
Fineness 916,7/1000
Troy Weight 7,3224 gram = 0,2354 oz. tr. + 8.33% Cu
Total Weight 7.988
Product Dimensions 22,05 mm (diametr) 1,5 mm (thickness)
Motif (Picture) Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II. Reverse: Saint Georg fighting with dragon
Denomination / Nominal Value No nominal value
Packaging Information 25 pcs in tube, 500 pcs in box
Worldwide Negotiability Worldwide
Actual buyback price: CZK 10,180.62

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