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Frequently asked questions and answers


  • Is the price on the web final?

Yes. We have no hidden surcharges, margins, etc. Prices for products on our website are transparent, incl. VAT, if it applies to the product, you see the final price of the product, which is automatically updated according to the stock exchange price and the current exchange rate € / crown.


  • Which price is binding?

By updating price with the price of gold on the commodity market every 10 minutes, you have an absolutely transparent overview of how much you buy from us. We fix the price immediately up to CZK 100,000 for the first order from 8:30 to 17:00. For regular clients, we can push this limit.

The price is fixed at the time of the order and is fixed by our confirmation of the order in the form of an invoice. This leads to the conclusion of a purchase agreement binding on both parties.

To explain: Your purchase price is the one at which you put the goods in the shopping cart. This price is fixed by us at the manufacturer (ARGOR HERAEUS, HERAEUS, UMICORE, MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH etc.). However, we reserve the right to withdraw from the purchase contract if a change in price between the time the goods are placed in the shopping cart and the order made by us at the manufacturer would represent an unbearable change in the price. (For example, if you send order after 17:00 when we no longer have the option to fix this price with the manufacturer.) If this happens, the entire amount, if paid in advance, will be returned to the buyer's account.

When ordering by phone, the price is fixed at the time of the phone call and is valid regardless of when you receive the order confirmation in the form of an invoice.

For orders over CZK 100,000, it is necessary to make a deposit for fixing the price (in person, by deposit to the RB cash desk or by transfer). The amount of the deposit varies according to the amount of the order, method of payment, delivery and availability of goods.


  • How to place an order?

In our e-shop, in person (please make an appointment with us in advance) or by e-mail. Telephone price fixation is only possible for regular clients.


  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is a minimum withdrawal quantity for certain products (investment silver coins). The specific number for a particular product is listed for each product. Some silver coins can only be ordered in 20 or 25 pieces, which corresponds to the packaging in the tube from the manufacturer. We sell these products separately only in the original tube from the manufacturer, if you would like to order a smaller quantity together with your other goods, please contact us.


  • How can I pay?

By bank transfer, deposit at the cash desk at any Raiffeisen Bank branch, or in cash. For orders with payment in cash upon receipt, we require an advance payment of 10% of the total amount for an amount exceeding 100,000. For goods visibly marked "longer delivery time" (14 days and longer), we require payment of the full amount in advance. The statutory limit for payment in cash is CZK 250,000 per person per day.


  • What is the delivery time for personal collection?

If the delivery time is "next working day" for the product, it is enough to reserve the goods one day in advance. Delivery time is stated for each product. If the goods have a longer delivery time, this is visibly indicated for the product, the expected delivery date is given in the product table for the delivery time. Due to the fact that the delivery time depends on the manufacturer and we cannot influence it, the delivery time is only informative. In the final, the delivery time may be shorter or longer than the time stated.


  • How will the goods be delivered to me?

As valuable writing or a package by the Czech Post, insured up to the value of the goods. However, up to a maximum of 15 kg or an insurance value of CZK 1,000,000. For goods with a delivery time of "next working day", the goods can be sent cash on delivery.


  • Is there a possibility of delivery of goods other than personal collection?


  • Can I pick up and pay for the goods in person?

Yes, please make an appointment in advance. Address here.


  • Can I shop anonymously?

Yes, up to CZK 250,000 and the equivalent in euros according to the current CNB exchange rate. Applies to all cash payments made within one day.

  • Do you buy the goods you sell?

Yes, we will buy back all the goods we sell. For each product, the current redemption price is indicated, which, like the selling price, is automatically updated every 10 minutes according to the spot price and the € / koruna exchange rate. If you want to sell your goods to us, open the redemption form, fill in the required information and click send. As soon as we receive your redemption form, we will call you back. The purchase price will be determined at the time of receipt of the goods according to the current purchase price at More info in the category


  • How can I make an order in €?

Switch currency to Euros on the top right of the website. The order will be issued in Euro.


  • What about VAT?

Investment gold is exempt from VAT by law. Investment silver, platinum and palladium are subject to 21% VAT. In Germany, the VAT is 19%.


  • I want to buy a few tens of kilograms. How do such heavy goods take over?

Contact us, our clients have the opportunity to park directly in front of the entrance and we will bring the goods to your car.

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