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Platinový slitek 100g ARGOR-HERAEUS / HERAEUS (Švýcarsko/Německo)

Dostupnost na dotaz

Dostupnost na dotaz

Investiční platinový slitek v mezinárodní likviditě. Platina je obchodována na New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Tokyo Commodity Exchange a London Buillon Market.

CZK 96,923.35 CZK 80,101.94

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Platinum ingots from Argor-Heraeus / Heraeus offer the highest quality in purity 999.5 / 1000. Platinum is a very heavy and chemically extremely resistant precious metal of silvery-white colour and, due to its relatively demanding mining method, one of the most expensive metals. Platinum has very similar properties to palladium. Platinum is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the Tokyo Commodity Exchange and the London Bullion Market. List of companies producing platinum investment ingots accredited on the stock exchange:
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Tax Class 21% DPH
Additional Product Description Platinový slitek švýcarského/německého výrobce. (LPPM)
Delivery Time Dostupnost na dotaz

Product Type (Coins/Bars) Ingots
Metal Sort Platinum
Producing Country Německo / Švýcarsko
Manufacturer ARGOR-HERAEUS
Fineness 999,5 / 1000
Troy Weight 100 gramů
Product Dimensions 49,7 mm (délka) x 28,5 mm (šířka) x 3,4 mm (tloušťka)
Motif (Picture) Obchodní logo Heraeus / Argor-Heraeus
Packaging Information Zavařeno ve fólii s certikartou.
Worldwide Negotiability Celosvětově LPPM (Good Delivery Standard - London Platinum & Palladium Market)
Actual buyback price: CZK 66,084.20

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