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Gold bar Münze Österreich 20g

3 - 7 working days

3 - 7 working days

CZK 38,764.62 CZK 38,764.62

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MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH AG (manufacturer of the well-known gold and silver coin Wiener Philharmoniker in cooperation with the Swiss company ARGOR-HERAEUS SA has been producing gold bars of 999.9 / 1000 fineness for almost twenty years) in weights: minted 1g, 5g, 10g (Kinebar), 20g, 50g, 100g and cast 250g, 500g and 1000g. The logo that MÜNZE Österreich AG belongs to the Austrian National Bank explains the high degree of popularity, fame and trust that this gold bar has, ARGOR HERAEUS SA produces for MÜNZE Österreich AG and the German WCHERAEUS GmbH gold bars that comply with the internationally recognized "London Good Delivery Standard" For more information about this product, please visit the MÜNZE Österreich AG website. "Kinebar" is an embossed gold ingot, which contains a kinegram on the back, which is used to prove authenticity. Kinegram is a diffractive security element embossed into a substrate (here gold). This patented technology is also used for banknotes, passports and other documents. Thanks to this patented security feature, the kinebar has particularly good liquidity. The name kinegram comes from the Greek words "movement" [kínesís] and "written" [grámma]. Colours that react with light make the kinebar an attractive gift. Kinebars from MÜNZE Österreich are minted in the Swiss company ARGOR-HERAEUS SA, which was founded in 1951. The Union Bank of Switzerland, through its subsidiary - the refinery Argor-Heraeus SA, has been using the kinegram as a safety feature on the back of gold bars since December 1993. Kinebar is currently a registered trademark of UBS. (Union Bank of Switzerland)
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Tax Class 0,00 % Kč DPH
Additional Product Description Gold bar (LBMA)
Delivery Time 3 - 7 working days

Product Type (Coins/Bars) Ingots
Metal Sort Gold
Producing Country Austria
Year of Minting 2021
Fineness 999,9 / 1000 (24 karátů)
Troy Weight 20 grams
Motif (Picture) Company logo MÜNZE Österreich AG
Packaging Information Plastic sealed with certificate.
Worldwide Negotiability Worlwide (London Good Delivery)
Delivery Note If you have any special requirement regarding producer, please let as know.
Actual buyback price: CZK 34,500.61

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